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Penetration Step

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This offensive technique can help you cover distance on the mat and set up different attacks.

You’ll need to have the right offensive moves in your arsenal to score pins over your opponents. Many of these techniques will start with a penetration step.

An effective penetration step can be hard to defend while also helping you to score points. By working on this technique, you can boost your attack on the mat.


You’ll start by getting into a good stance. Your stance can be the foundation for success on the mat. You’ll also need to be comfortable moving in your stance to generate offense.

Once you’re in your stance, you’ll be ready to execute a penetration step. To perform the move:

  • Step forward with your front foot.

  • Drop your front knee over your toe.

  • Swing your trail leg up to move back into your stance position.

By working on your penetration step, you’ll be ready to set up your attack as you grapple your way to victory.

Watch the following short video to learn how to take a penetration step

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