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Learning the Double Leg Takedown

This common technique can help you get your opponent to the mat and score two points.

When you need points, you’re going to want the right offensive techniques in your arsenal. One of the first takedowns wrestlers learn is the double leg takedown.

Wrestlers use this common yet effective offensive technique to get their opponent on the mat.

The double leg takedown is a basic takedown in which you attack both of your opponent’s legs at once.


To execute a double leg takedown, you need to begin in a good stance. Following these instructions:

  • Take a deep penetration step. You want to step between your opponent’s feet.

  • Wrap your arms around your opponent’s knees.

  • Step up with your trail leg and then drive your opponent down to the mat.

Remember to keep your head up with your ear tight to your opponent when you perform the double leg takedown. Your back should be straight with your chest tight to your opponent’s hips.

Watch the following short video to learn how to take a double leg takedown

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